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An Art project about intuition and distraction

In collaboration with the Digital Art Space, Imagine War explores the interaction between spiritual practices and digital space.

The "Bootcamp Of Peace" takes place in a 3D digital space on Spatial. Inside and outside the participants experience the "IMAGINE WAR Instructions" digitally or in a mixed-reality event.

By using VR-technology, Maren Montauk connects with the online and real-life participants in the gallery simultaneously.

16 international artists - the pioneers - already published their personal works on IMAGINE WAR at the Digital Art Space Munich and on the IMAGINE WAR website.

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About Maren Montauk

Maren Montauk is a music artist and performer with focus on voice & composition. Alongside her classical band projects around Maren Montauk, she also created the interactive music theater "From Room To Room" and the participatory performance art Projects IMAGINE WAR and "Comic Voice Calling".

In her participatory performance and teaching formats, Maren Montauk takes participants into self-designed experience spaces - live, in mixed reality, or digitally. Personal development, self-empowerment, and the desire for expression serve as possible reflections and quests for spirituality in our digital age.