Imagine War

In our world „peace“ and „war“ comes in all shades of grey. Influenced by these two poles, consciously or unconsciously, we consider our world around us, we evaluate, we collect knowledge, we put things in order, finally we act…

Could there be war when we all would come from a place out of a „personal peace“?
Will there be still „war“ when we, you and me, are at „peace“?
Could we learn how to be at peace?

The performance art project “Imagine War” creates a digital happening to bring yourself at peace, creating a safe space, while facing your personal „state of war“.

The following instruction on film or on audio record will try to guide yourself to a place of peace inside you, a starting point to face your fears, remain emotionless and calm to observe your personal concept of „war“ in your head.

How does it look like? How does it feel?

In our Gallery you will find works & works in progress of different artists from all over the world to „Imagine War“.

If you want to join our members list please feel free and welcome to write your name down.

Let’s try to find a place without war.

That place could be You. This place could be Now. Let`s become part of a Change.

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audio instruction

audio practicing