Stage I

In our world peace and war come in all shades of grey.
Influenced by these two poles, consciously or unconsciously, we consider our world around us. We evaluate, we collect knowledge, we put things in order, finally we act. Could there be war, when we all came from a place of personal peace?
Will there still be war when we are at peace?
Could we learn how to be at peace?
The performance art project Imagine War enables you to be at peace with yourself, creating a safe space while facing your personal state of war.
The following instruction on film or on audio record will guide you to a place of inner peace. A starting point to face your fears. A state to remain emotionless and calm and to observe your own concept of war.

Imagine War is a project with the participation of international artists you can meet here, at live exhibitions or digitally in a self-created metaverse. It explores the tension between digital and analogue art and how intuition and inner peace fit these worlds.

Next up

  1. VERNISSAGE Digital Art Space Munich

    Witness the Grand Opening of Imagine War and Maren Montauk's live ritual performance analogue or digitally. Face your own concept of war and reset yourself. Join our international group of artists to create peace.

    Virtual Vernissage (Coming soon)

    Meet the artists, open talk and reflection.


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